Ricochet Videos for iOS

YouTube's best handpicked videos, period.


Designed for iPad.

Not simply an enlarged view of the iPhone interface, the iPad's unique split view allows for faster browsing and playback.

Videos take center stage.

There are no visual distractions or unnecessary features to get in the way of watching and sharing great videos.


Search instantly.

Even with handpicked videos, the list of videos can get long. Just use the search-as-you-type and instantly find what you're looking for.

Browse with sensible categories.

Browse our 13 smartly grouped categories to focus your attention on whatever interests you the most. Once you're there, you can also instantly search.


Bookmark your favorites. Watch and repeat.

Great videos deserve to be watched over and over. Bookmarking your favorites lets you come back to those great videos quickly and easily.
06 iPad Airplay

Airplay streaming to your HDTV.

All YouTube videos are Airplay compatible. Pull up any video and watch on your iPhone or iPad, or sling it over to your AppleTV to watch on the big screen.


Simple to share.

With built-in sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinboard, and Instapaper, it's dead simple to spread the word on a great video.
10 iPad push notification

Push notifications keep you updated.

Although you can count on daily updates, sometimes you need a gentle nudge to take a coffee break. We're here to help.